Live streaming prices:

  • Access live market data within MT4’s charts and Market Watch window
  • View real-time tick data
  • Access to over 80 live market feeds with a demo or live account
  • Use MT4’s DDE API to stream live prices into an Excel spreadsheet
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Indicators And Charting Tools

Indicators and charting Tools:

  • Access many classic and new indicators straight out of the box (50 included as standard)
  • Find an endless supply of free or paid indicators from MT4’s global community of programmers
  • Choose from over 20 charting tools such as Fibonacci, Gann, regression analysis to place on your charts


Automate your trading

Automate your trading:

  • Use MT4’s EA’s (expert advisors) to run your automated trading robots
  • Add a trailing top
  • Build complex indicators and dashboards using EA’s to run repetitive tasks
  • Access to thousands of free or paid EA’s across MT4’s global community
Multiple Order Types

Multiple Order Types

  • Use the 1-cick trading interface to scalp markets
  • Enter using MT4’s deal ticket to access market or pending orders
  • Use top and limit orders to fine tune your entries

Alerts and Notifications

  • Never miss a trade and be notified when prices hit key levels
  • Receive notifications via e-mail or push notification, straight to your phone
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Backtest your strategies

Backtest your strategies:

  • Test and tweak your trading strategies with MT4’s built in Strategy Tester module
  • Test other people’s strategies (free or paid) on historical data
  • Generate backtest report for further analyis