Increase your portfolio exposure with commodity trading

Trade your favorite commodities like gold, silver, and oil on the global market anytime and anywhere with ThreeTrader, the leading offshore brokerage firm.

Maximize your trading potential with tighter spreads, lightning-fast execution, and tier-1 liquidity.

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Trade popular commodity CFDs online


Tap into the gold market and trade it against USD with spreads starting from just 0.06 cents.


Start taking a position on the silver market without actually buying the metal through CFDs.


Trade WTI & Brent cash CFDs on high leverage of up to 100:1, tight spreads, and low margins.

Why trade commodity CFDs with ThreeTrader?

Lightning-quick execution

Fast execution is vital for success when trading CFDs. Our brokerage firm offers quick execution for successful traders around the world.

Competitive spreads and leverage

Enjoy tight spreads with our raw zero accounts and unbeatable leverage of up to 500:1. With razor-thin spreads and low commissions; you are always ensured cost-effective commodity trading.

Tier 1 liquidity

Experience the highest levels of liquidity with minimal slippage for a seamless trading experience every time. Execute your trades swiftly and efficiently, even during periods of high volatility.

No deposit or withdrawal fees

There are no deposit or withdrawal fees for live accounts, allowing you to gain more from their trades. You can freely fund your accounts and withdraw profits without any additional costs.

No dealing desk intervention

Execute your trade with zero intervention while ensuring speed, fairness, and transparency. We facilitate direct market access for our traders.

Access to pro trading tools like MetaTrader

Download MetaTrader to improve your trading experience with one-click trading, key analytics, charting tools, and custom indicators and add-ons.

Quick account opening

When you apply for a live account with ThreeTrader, you can get approved in just five minutes, fund your account, and start trading–all on the same day.

Transparent and regulated

We comply with rigorous standards to meet Vanuatu's trading regulations, including regular audits, stress tests, and maintaining minimum capital reserves.

Diversifying with commodity trading

Commodity trading involves buying and selling raw materials, including oil, gold, and silver. You can physically trade these commodities or their derivatives through CFDs and future contracts.

Commodity derivatives provide an alternative way to engage in the market without trading physical assets. CFDs and futures contracts are two common derivatives used in commodity trading.

Go live with 3 easy steps

Experience our RawZero spreads, Ultra low commission and institutional Grade Swaps. Our team is verifying new accounts 24 X 5 to get you started in no time. The Live application process should take less than 5 minutes.

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Fill in your personal information & submit the application form to begin the process.

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Upload required ID for verification purposes. Takes only a minute.

Deposit And Start Trading

Use secured funding methods to add fund instantly to trading account and start trading.

What is commodity trading through CFDs?

Commodity CFDs allow traders to speculate on the price movement of commodities without owning the underlying commodities. CFDs provide the opportunity to gain from both the upward and downward movement of the markets, allowing traders to increase their potential profits in different market conditions. 

With flexible leverage, traders can control a larger position size with a relatively smaller amount of capital. Compared to physical trading of commodities, CFDs are more liquid and accessible, offering easy access to global commodity markets.

Frequently asked questions

About Commodity Trading

How to start trading commodities?

To start, you must open a live trading account and learn more about the commodity market. You can choose your preferred commodity, fund your trading account on ThreeTrader, and start placing your trades.

How do beginners invest in commodities?

The best way for beginners to invest in commodities is by trading commodity CFDs. Traders can speculate on the price movement of different commodities and even gain from falling market

Can I trade commodities on MT4?

You can trade all the popular commodity CFDs on MT4. MetaTrader offers various tools for accurate trading, including Expert Advisors and advanced analytics tools.

How are commodities traded?

The most popular way of trading commodities is through CFDs by signing up with a brokerage firm like ThreeTrader.

What are the trading hours for oil?

Oil trading hours typically align with global market hours, spanning from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon, with slight variations depending on the exchange.

What is a CFD in commodities?

A CFD in commodities is a derivative instrument enabling traders to speculate on price movements in the commodities markets without owning the underlying asset.