Become an Introducing Broker at ThreeTrader

Introduce your clients to an offshore regulated broker offering access to over 90 markets and earn commissions when they trade.

ThreeTrader’s Introducing Broker (IB) program is carefully designed for signal providers, trading education gurus, and other traders offering value-added services.

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Who is an Introducing Broker?

Introducing Brokers (IBs) is an individual who earns commissions by introducing new brokers to a brokerage firm like ThreeTrader. For individuals, it can be a seamless new revenue stream. IBs can work from anywhere and promote trading services on different platforms.ThreeTrader’s Introducing Broker program can fit a large section of the audience, including:Signal providersFund ManagersTrading gurus/ educators EA providersAnd more

Why become an Introducing Broker with ThreeTrader?

Access to MetaTrader 4

Leverage MetaTrader 4, the leading trading platform, to further enrich your clients' experience and offer them value-added gifts like custom technical indicators and Expert Advisors (EAs).

Competitive spreads

Get razor-thin spreads across all of our forex and CFD instruments. Active traders also get deep discounts on spread costs based on the volume traded. With no deposit or withdrawal fees, we make trading even more cost-effective for your clients.

High stability

Provide your clients with a high-performing and highly stable trading environment and earn commissions as they maximize their trading gains.

Seamless portal

Monitor, track, and get reports on your client referrals with complete transparency through our comprehensive tracking system. The IB portal is user-friendly, allowing you to navigate it quickly without hiccups.

Marketing and promotions

Get ample marketing support to close leads easily. We also help you integrate widgets and forms directly into your website.

Fully regulated

Refer ThreeTrader confidently, knowing you are partnering with an offshore regulated broker with a long-standing clean track record. We strictly adhere to Vanuatu's trading regulations and compliances.


You or your referrals are never left stranded. Our dedicated support team is always present to provide ongoing management and support.

Easy IB onboarding

Our onboarding process is straightforward and quick, allowing you to get started in just a few clicks. We also offer additional training and support to all our new Introducing Brokers.

How to become an Introducing Broker with ThreeTrader?

Sign up as an IB

Take the first step towards boosting your revenue stream by signing up for ThreeTrader’s Introducing Broker Program. You will be required to fill out a form and provide some documents for verification.

Refer clients

After verification, you will get access to the IB portal along with your custom URLs and promotional material. You can start referring clients and track them through the portal.

Earn commissions

As more and more of your clients sign up and start trading with us, you will earn commissions on their trades.

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Frequently asked questions

About Introducing Broker

What is the difference between a broker and an introducing broker?

An introducing broker is responsible for introducing their clients to the broker/ brokerage firm. It is the brokerage firm that handles the actual trades and manages the trading accounts of the clients.

Who can become an IB?

While there can be some regulatory requirements depending on the company you are located in, anyone with a strong audience base of traders can become an introducing broker.

How to select the best introducing broker program?

Searching for a reliable and regulated broker is the key to selecting the best introducing broker program. ThreeTrader is a regulated offshore brokerage firm that offers an Introducing Broker program with high commissions.

What is the role of an introducing broker?

An introducing broker is essentially a facilitator introducing their clients to a new broker and then earning commissions from the trades placed by their clients.

How to streamline IB account management?

You can easily streamline your IB account management through the IB portal. ThreeTrader allows you to track, manage, and monitor your referrals through your account.

Will I receive some marketing material for promotions?

Yes, ThreeTrader provides promotional marketing material, widgets, and forms to help you get new referrals quickly.