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What is MAM?

A Multi-Account Manager (MAM) is designed for single traders or money managers who want to manage multiple trading accounts simultaneously from one master account. The trades executed from the master account are replicated automatically on the different sub-accounts according to the current allocation percentage.

Why choose ThreeTrader for your MAM account?

Unlimited trading accounts

Effortlessly manage and trade unlimited trading accounts simultaneously, leveraging features like server-side plug-ins for instant execution.

Streamlined MT4 MultiTerminal

Use MT4 MultiTerminal for concurrent account management for MAM. Ensure secure transactions and automated distribution every time.

One-click portfolio management

Oversee multiple accounts through a single master account and execute trades swiftly across multiple accounts with one click

Multiple allocation methods

MAM solutions offer traders various allocation methods–lot, percentage, and proportional, ensuring optimal performance and resource utilization.

Centralized control

Gain enhanced trade control with MAM's centralized processing and market watch window, eliminating the need for multiple interfaces.

Customizable trading parameters

Customize trade parameters like order types and adjust allocation methods to suit their specific trading strategies and objectives. Execute trades with precision, maximizing potential returns for each managed account.

Who is eligible for MAM service?

Apply requirements for a MAM account

The minimum starting number is 5 people, and you can start with an initial deposit of 30 million JPY.


Start your MAM journey with a simple and quick registration process

Fill in the required information on the registration form

Complete the registration process in just 20 seconds to get started.

Wait for verification

Our team will review your details on priority and send you a notification email about the verification status of your account.

Access the portal

After verification, you will get access to your MAM account, and you can start trading right away.

Frequently asked questions

About our MAM program

How do I create a MAM account?

Creating a MAM account on ThreeTrader starts by filling out a registration form, completing the required verification steps, and funding your account to enjoy the benefits of professional money management.

What is a Multi-Account Manager?

A Multi-Account Manager (MAM) is a software tool that allows professional traders to manage unlimited trading accounts simultaneously, executing trades across different accounts using a single master account.

What is the advantage of MAM accounts?

MAM accounts provide investors access to professional money managers who can execute trades on their behalf, offering diversification, risk management, and the potential for enhanced returns without the need for active trading.