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Multi Account Manager (MAM) Module & Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM) open up additional revenue streams for Master Traders. MT4 MAM Software lets traders to connect their MT4 accounts with a Master Trader and copy trades on their own preference like Lot, Free Margin, Percentage, Balance or Equity.


The MAM Software provides seamless integration of trading accounts, automatic execution of trades based on Flexible Allocation Parameters.


PAMM lets traders to connect their MT4 accounts with master trader or money manager who trades for self and on behalf of them.

MAM Advantages & Solutions

To manage and trade multiple accounts simultaneously such as professional traders of managed accounts

  • Overview of open trades, balances and margin levels for several accounts Group order execution
  • The MAM solution provides a versatile solution with a user friendly interface and includes the following features:
  • Server Side plug-in creates instant execution, Broker control & simple server updates
  • Client Side Software Application for trade parameter adjustments
  • Unlimited trading accounts
  • STP on master account for bulk order execution, with instant allocation to sub accounts
  • Three allocation methods – Lot – Percentage – Proportional
  • Trades – Full, Mini & Micro Lot accounts for best allocation advantage
  • “Group Order” execution from Main control screen
  • Partial close of orders by Master account execution
  • Full SL, TP & Pending order functionality
  • Allows Expert Advisor (EA) trading of managed accounts from client side
  • Allows Trade station signals to be traded on MT platform (separate module)
  • Each Sub Account has an output to screen report
  • Market watch window within MAM
  • Live order management monitoring within MAM including P&L
  • Apply requirements: Minimum 5 clients account with same group, total amount over $100,000 and 0.1 pips fee per trade

PAMM Accounts

The Percent Allocation Management Module (PAMM) allows clients to appoint professional traders and asset managers.

Through PAMM solution professional traders and asset managers can manage numerous accounts through one trading platform, based on deposit size of each account and distributes allocation by its ratio and the trade results (trades, profit and loss) are allocated between managed accounts according to the ratio.

In order to manage someone’s account, Money manager has to sign Power of attorney (POA) form with account owner. In POA form money manager and clients have to agree fees and profit sharing structure.

Money Managers

MT4 multi-terminal, that allows traders manage number of MT4 live or demo accounts.

Multi Account Manager (MAM) – much more advanced software designed by third company. MAM software provides more functions and allocation methods in comparison to multi terminal and mostly used by professional money managers. MAM is used for allocation setups only and all trading is performed on Master Account with combined Equity inside MT4 terminal as a result Money manager can use all benefits of MT4 Platform like EA, Charts, Indicators etc. For using MAM we charge extra 0.1 pip as software is not free and we pay for license.


The MetaTrader 4 Multi-Terminal is designed for account managers and for traders working with multiple accounts simultaneously.

Multi-Terminal provides all MT4 features (orders placing and modification, partial or complete closing positions, receiving broker emails, news updates) and has the familiar MT4 interface.

The difference between Multi-Terminal and MT4 is the ability to manage several accounts at the same time. Multi-Terminal gives you the opportunity to distribute order volume across accounts in order to place the necessary volume for every single order. Choose between equal distribution or let the program distribute funds automatically based on the funding ratio.

Multi-Terminal gives the investor security, because all of the manager’s actions are processed at investor’s account to allow easy control over the manager. Confidentiality is guaranteed with Advanced Security technology.

Multi-Terminal is a simple and multifunctional product that allows even the most inexperienced user to start using it quickly and easily, using MetaTrader 4 for market analysis and Multi-Terminal for trading.

Multi-Terminal cannot run with Expert Advisor (EA) trading.
Multi-Terminal did not have the Chart function.
Multi-Terminal may cause execution delay since the trading distribution was directly working from client Terminal.
While login with client’s investor passwords, Multi-Terminal can be use as back office manager to check client’s account status.
Apply requirements: Minimum 3 client’s accounts, total amount over $10,000. “Micro lots” client can’t login together with “standard lots” clients

What Is a MAM Account?

A Multi Account Manager (MAM) is designed for money managers who are looking for extensive flexibility when they are sub-allocating their trades on a single master account. With this tool, money managers are able to quickly execute block orders with just one click while being under one master account.

When comparing this to PAMM which allocates trades based on the percentage of total equity, MAM accounts simply give money managers more flexibility when they are sub-allocating trades. This flexibility is the one feature that has made MAM accounts so popular for money managers that want to trade on the forex market from one master account.

For example, the money manager can allocate trades on a fixed lot basis. This means he or she can set the amount of lots to be traded, tweak the account size, and manage the risk profile of their accounts. Fixed allocation can also be achieved with a Lot Allocation Management Module (LAMM) which allows portfolio managers to manually control the lot size within sub-accounts. This depends on their clients risk tolerance and whether or not they are willing to take the extra risk. Since MAM accounts are so flexible and easy to use, money managers generally prefer to use this type of account.

Who Benefits From MAM Accounts

If you are a trader that manages multiple accounts, considering a MAM system is recommended. This is especially true if you are using EAs as you will need the flexibility to manage the various accounts. By using MAM, you are able to extend the functions of the MetaTrader 4 platform.

MAM is an add-on to the MT4 program and is completely integrated. You will not need multiple MT4 interfaces as you can control multiple accounts from just one. This ease of functionality allows money managers to have better control of their trades while working from one interface.

Every account that you manage can be conducting trades from a single MetaTrader 4 client. With centralized processing and a server based system, you can have hundreds of different accounts which can all be trading with one click. There is also no delay between each trade. This ensures that consistent speed is efficacious between managed accounts.

It is important to note that as with any forex trading, investing in a MAM comes with a high level of risk which should be considered prior to participation.

What Is a PAMM Account?

A Percentage Allocation Module Management (PAMM) account is the solution for clients who are looking to have separate accounts traded under one money manager. To start things off the manager contributes part of his investment as manager’s capital.

The manager’s capital cannot be taken out and acts as insurance for potential investors.

The manager then needs to advertise based on the performance of the account so that other investors will want to have their trading conducted by the manager. There will also be a set of conditions for these investors, detailing how much profit they will keep and how much the manager will make as well. Typically this is done through an intermediary forex broker who ensures the security of the PAMM but is not responsible for any losses.

Once the manager acquires interested investors, they can begin investing on the market. For example, when using a PAMM account, the manager could open a 100 lot long position. The position is broken up between each sub-accounts based on the percentage equity of each account. This ensures that each account is contributing its share to the trade.

Advantages of a PAMM Account

Managers benefit from PAMM accounts simply by being able to make money not just from their own investment, but from other investors. Since there is a set of conditions that the investors must agree upon, there is a degree of structure and control for both the manager and investors.

Investors benefit from PAMM accounts that are operated by experienced traders. If you put your money with someone that has experience and is proven to be successful, you have a better chance of a profitable opportunity. Investors can also diversify their funds with multiple PAMMs which can reduce risk.

It is important to note that as with any forex trading, investing in a MAM comes with a high level of risk which should be considered prior to participation.

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